QPM Measurement : Case Study

CASE 4:Volume Changing of Micro Droplets

Volume can be measured quantitatively.

We measured the evaporation of droplet on the glass board surface. (Fig 4-1) We numbered the measured droplet image from 1 to 4 in descending order. (Fig 4-2) We indicate the change of each droplet height. (Fig 4-2) We also indicate the volume rate change of each droplet. In this way, although maximum height and volume rate are decreasing with time, maximum height has ups and downs. Generally volume rate decrease smoothly by droplets evaporation. Namely when the droplet height increases, the area rate decreases relatively. When comparing the height of the droplet measured from the lateral side of sample or the area of the droplets measured from the top of sample, QPM can measure droplets volume rate that makes stable and accurate measurement possible. QPM can accurately measure volume rate of transparent specimen, it will contribute to the improvement of the quality control in production process.

Volume Changing

Fig.4 Volume Changing of Micro Droplets