We would like to provide hologram display device which can easily achieve brighter and more uniform illumination of the hologram by connecting HOLOERE-it in parallel. The device (HOLOERE-it) does not apply heat or ultraviolet light to the hologram. It can be used for the various size of the hologram. Illumination color can be chosen from white, light bulb, red, green, and blue. It is possible to choose the best condition of the illumination for the hologram. Please install comfortable color for the hospital or company lobby.

Hologram reconstruction example using HOLORER-it! LED lighting

"Violin and insect" (size 300 × 400mm)

Reproduction of the texture of the violin surface, such as luster, is magnificent. By changing the horizontal view point position, the insect on the violin surface can be seen off and on.

Violin and insect
"Lucy in a tin Hat" (size 340 × 450mm)

Art work of Patrick Boyd in 1985. Skin texture, luster of the jewelry, and pop-up of the hat are all made it great art work. When the view point goes upward, we can see eyes through the hat The tip of a hat comes out dozens of centimeter, reaching the front edge of the hologram-box. It makes very powerful bright hologram image.

Lucy in a tin Hat