QPM system consists of light source, inverted microscope, QPI-unit, imaging camera and computer that is installed QPI softwear. As a light source, QPI has the output stabilized semiconductor laser with fibers corresponding to various wavelengths. Following figure shows the configuration example of QPM system.
It will help visualizing, quantifying and analyzing the transparent specimen, such as glass material and living cells.


Function interference fringe based on the phase information of the input wave surface.
Spatial resolution about 1um (depend on the object lens)
Phase accuracy +- 0.01 radian (repeated measurement)
Size (mm) width 125 x length 430 x height 140 (adjustable)
Usage wavelength 633nm at standard (adaptable various wavelength)
Usage Camera pixel size less than or equal to 10 micron
Input-output-port C mount conection

*The specification of QPM system and QPI softwear may change since they are under development.

Quantitative Phase Imaging Softwear [QPImager]

We have easy to use QPI softwear. QPI softwear can analyze and display the acquired image through IVS in realtime. Generally, it is difficult to focus on the transparent specimen, but using QPI softwear it is easy to focus on the transparent specimen that you would like to observe. Fig (left) shows the hologram image through IVS and fig (right) shows analyzed quantitative phase image. Correction, calculation, and analysis of the QPI at the following operating portion and fast acquisition of the hologram mage are possible.