QPM Measurement : Case Study

CASE 1:Refractive Index in Glass

Inside of the sample’s index of refraction can be measured

Focusing the femtosecond laser into the inside of the glass changes the index of refraction in the glass and fabricates optical waveguides. We measured the fabricated optical waveguides using QPM. We set the processing speed of the femtosecond laser, 40, 20, 10, 4, and 2 mm/sec from the left to right in figure 1. It also indicates two-dimensional distribution of the index of refraction variation of the fabricated optical waveguides. QPM leads optimum laser processing condition for necessary index of refraction variation in order to quantitatively measure inside the glass board refraction index distribution.


Fig.1 Refractive index of optical waveguides processed by the femtosecond laser