QPM Measurement : Case Study

CASE 3:Stress & Bi-refractive Index of PMF

Inside of the sample’s stress can be measured

Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) has double refraction which can occurred by photoelastic effect from the internal stress. We measured the internal stress distribution with QPM. Fig 3-1 and Fig 3-2 shows the quantitative phase image of slow and fast axis direction. To compare and contrast the two axis make it possible to receive double refraction image in Fig 3-3. This double refraction image shows the stress distribution. The similar result from the calculation which indicate in Fig 3-4 can be received. QPM can measure stress-strain in the inside of the transparent specimen. This can be possible to find the minute defect in optical device or internal lens.


Fig.3 Stress and bi-refractive index distribution of the PMF