QPM Measurement : Case Study

CASE 6:Hemoglobin flow out of RBC during Hemolysis

Rapid phenomenon of biological cells can be analyzed.

Erythrocytolysis is very fast acting phenomena. As the membrane of cells are destroyed, hemoglobin is liberated that is occurred by external stimulus, such as osmotic pressure change. We visualized and quantitatively analyzed the phenomena with high-speed camera.
Figure 6-1 shows erythrocyte ghost by erythrocytolysis.
Figure 6-2 shows the visualization of erythrocytolysis occurred moment and the change with time after differencing process. We can observe hemoglobin is liberated.

Fig.6-1 Erythrocyte ghost by erythrocytolysis

Fig.6-2 Visualization of hemoglobin flow out with differencing process.

Figure 6-3 is the graph showing the change of optical volume rate and the change of optical distance rate at hemoglobin liberation part of the arrowed area in figure 6-2. Slight increase of volume rate is admitted just before the erythrocytolysis. Rapid hemoglobin liberation from the red blood cells is occurred by erythrocytolysis. We can observed saturation at about 9 nm.

Fig.6-3 Changing in optical volume of red blood cells and optical distance.

QPM realize rapid visualization of living cells and quantitative analysis. It contributes to elucidate novel biological phenomena which we could not find with conventional technology.