HOLORER-it! produces a new telecentric light up.

HOLORER-it! telecentric lighting

High directional lighting of HOLOERE-it! can light up remote area on spot.
For example, it can lighting one meter square narrow area of fifty meter away. Low consumption power can suppress the maintenance cost. Very few leaked light with HOLORER-it! does not bother neighbors and it will bring ecological and environmentally-friendly landscape illumination.

Locate 300 units in-line HOLORER-it!

Telecentric lighting on the mountain,
500 meter away from HOLORER-it!

HOLORER-it! 300units light up the mountain on the opposite shore. HOLORER-it! illuminates over the ocean and illuminates the edge of the water of the mountain ahead of it. And then the Japanese letter “DAI (big)” on the surface of the mountain are illuminated by HOLOERE-it! 36units.