Research and Development of Hologram

Holographic display which is under development at Hamamatsu Japan makes it possible to create Computer-Generated Hologram using three-dimensional Computer Graphics (3D CG) data. Computer-Generated Hologram (CGH) can produce ideal hologram using computer calculation processing. High quality three-dimensional hologram can be observed when reproducing the hologram data through display medium such as liquid crystal device. Here we would like to introduce the static holography and the dynamic holography which are under development.

Static holography : Holographic 3D Printer

Static holography : Holographic Printer Hologram printer can produce large display, full-color hologram from CG3D polygon data. The recorded hologram displays natural three-dimensional object meeting the vertical and horizontal view point position. Hologram has a strong advertisement effect when it is installed at the exhibition hall or company reception’s desk. Hologram printer provides a new advertisement medium. Furthermore, three-dimensional high-resolution hologram image reconstruction can be observed by illuminating the hologram with our hologram illumination device "HOLORER-it!" LED lighting.

Dynamic holograhy : Holographic 3D goggles

Conventional three-dimensional display device with stereo system method cause contradiction between the angle of vergence and focal point adjusting position. For that reason, the safety is not ensured to the fatigue with long-time observation and among young generation. Holographic goggles are three-dimensional display device for those who need natural focal point adjustment using a technology of reproducing object beam by using holography. Holographic goggles made it possible to observe long-time with less fatigue and realize higher presence comparing the conventional Head Mounted Display (HMD). Holographic goggles provide new image expression.

Dynamic holograhy : Holographic goggles